You have decided you would like to give your car a fresh look with the addition of pinstripe tape.  Before you embark on the job, below are seven things a newcomer Ought to Know about pinstriping tape:

Pinstripes come in almost too many varieties, colors and even patterns. Often the best route to take is to look up the make and model you want to emulate and begin by selecting a matching color palette. 

Ordinarily, a professional roster of pinstriping tape steps 50 yards, but you will have the ability to find shorter spans on a few products if your job is smaller.  If you would like to purchase pinstripe tape in bulk, then it is possible to purchase these wholesale.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Pinstriping

1. More often than not a professionals roll of striping tape will come in 50 yard increments but with a little searching you can find shorter rolls but you’ll likely be limited on the colors and patterns available. If you don’t want to sacrifice that then most retailers will give you a wholesale deal if you ask in the right way. Specifically if you approach them with the idea that you are really wanting to restore your classic muscle car with a specific style of decal then they will usually ship it to you at cost or sell you half of a roll they’ve used on a clients car. 

2. Some will say that you’re only limited by your imagination but don’t let this go to your head, this is truly an art. Most often you’ll see even seasoned professionals go with a pinstriping kit for customers cars to save hours of detail work. Your best bet if you’re starting from scratch is to attempt a dual hood stripe, this will give you more material to work with and get you used to working with the delicate striping material. 

3.  When selecting your striping material shop around! Quality is everything, the graphics that are made to stretch and that are more durable tend to produce a longer lasting more polished look. If you find yourself with a stripe that you can barely pull on without distorting or the risk of tearing then you shouldn’t even put it on your car because it will likely last a week. 

Bad Ass Car Decals

4. When in doubt… Find a professional. It doesn’t hurt to have a professional instal one side of your decals and as you watch and learn then you’ll have a real grasp on how it should be done. We aren’t just putting on stickers here, these things need to be the finishing touches of an already beautiful car. 

5. These things can last a long time but if they aren’t factory painted then don’t expect to get more than 10 years out of them.

Interesting Fact

The Chevrolet Camaro, one of America’s first true Muscle Cars but did you know that it’s original name was to be the Panther

6. Take it seriously! If you’ve made it this far then you’re far beyond any hobbyist and you’re looking to make decal work a full time career because honestly if you stick to it then you’ll be amazed at what you can create. Some of the most beautiful flame work or stripe decals are done by hand the old fashion way and it’s a difference you can see.